Kimono Gal Square Postcard

Akemi | 明美


Akemi is my New Year Kimono Gal and she's celebrating her Seijinshiki!


In early January is Seijin no Hi, which is the Coming of Age Day in Japan. Twenty year olds all around the country celebrate becoming adults, which means they can legally drink alcohol and vote.


Women typically dress in furisode kimono (振り袖着物) which is the most formal and gorgeous kimono for unmarried women. Furisode means 'swinging sleeves' because the sleeves are so long - they almost reach her feet!

Akemi's furisode kimono has the patterns of 'shōchikubai' (松竹梅) which means pine, bamboo and plum blossoms. These are known as the 'three friends of winter' and they symbolise the new year and resilience through the cold and tough times!

‘Akemi’ Kimono Gal Square Postcard

  • My digitally illustrated Kimono Gal featuring Akemi

    1 x square postcards (15cm x 15cm)


    Silky matte 300gsm card stock