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What is gouache?

Gouache is a type of paint in the watercolour family. It is made up of a natural pigment, water and a binding agent (usually gum arabic). Unlike watercolours, gouache is made to be opaque (not transparent).

Why do you paint with gouache?

I was never fully comfortable painting with watercolours or acrylics and once I discovered gouache it was the perfect middle ground for me. I love the fact that it dries almost instantly, yet you can still rework it later on. I also love its matte texture and vibrant colours.

How do I look after my gouache painting?

Because of the nature of gouache, it is better left without a seal or varnish over it. This means that it can be prone to damage, so I recommend framing the painting to keep it safe from harm. Please refrain from touching the surface of a gouache painting as the oil on your fingers could leave marks on it. Don't let the painting come into contact with any water or moisture as it could have a detrimental effect on the painting.

I use A Grade gouache paints which means there is minimal fading of the colours over time. Keep your painting out of direct sunlight to make sure the colours are kept vibrant. 

Do you take commissions?

I do not take commissions at the moment but if you have a good commission idea and you really really want it done, please contact me and we can start a discussion. I do not redo any older works but could produce something similar to your liking.

Can you speak Japanese?

Yes, I am fluent in business level Japanese. I studied Japanese formally through Japanese Supplementary School when I was young and then I went on to study a degree in Japanese Language and Culture. I have received the N1 Certificate (highest level) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). This was a life goal of mine as I was not very good at speaking Japanese when I was a kid and I had a bit of a complex about it. I have also lived and studied in Japan and worked in various Japanese workplaces in both Japan and Aotearoa New Zealand. 


Return and Exchange Policy

All sales are final. I do not offer exchanges.


Returns are only accepted within good reason and if the buyer contacts me within 7 days of delivery. The buyer must ship the product back within 14 days of delivery. The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. The product must be in its original, unopened condition, otherwise the return will not be accepted.


Refunds are only issued under special circumstances. I do not take responsibility for the product getting lost in the mail or damaged during shipping.

Please read the product descriptions carefully and try out the measurements to make sure it is the right artwork for you. If colour variation is a concern, please check the listings on different screens. I strive to take true-to-life colours in my photographs but the colours may differ slightly in real life compared to the photographs. 


Products are shipped within 3 - 5 business days. The tracking number will be sent to you once the product is shipped. I strive to use eco-friendly packing materials such as cardboard, washi tape and compostable mailer bags. Yes, I ship internationally. 


I do not take responsibility for the product getting lost in the mail or damaged during shipping. Please take this issue up with your postal service if it occurs.


I retain all rights to all of the artwork I create, even those that are sold. I retain the right to make reproductions of any and all artwork I create.

The collector or buyer may not reproduce the artwork in any way without the written permission of me, the artist.

If the artwork is reproduced in a magazine or other media, please let me know and credit me by writing my full name.

When you purchase an original work from me, you have the right to display the piece in your home or business, but the artwork may not be resold or reproduced for profit without my written permission. 

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