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Musubi Series

Musubi means a knot in Japanese.


It also means the connections and bonds between people.

In Shintoism, Japan’s ancient religion, musubi is the power of becoming or creation. 

Physically, musubi means to tie something, such as tying the obi sash on a kimono.

O-musubi is a handmade rice ball that my obāchan (grandma) used to make for me when we visited Japan. 


Musubi is the invisible thread that ties family, friends and true love together; the threads of fate that also tie me to you.

光 | Hikari, 2020, gouache on paper












Tying thread is musubi.


Connecting people is musubi.


The passage of time is musubi.


They come together to take shape, twisting and tangling, sometimes coming undone, breaking off then reconnecting...


That is musubi, that is time.


- Your Name, 2016

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